Dr. DeBastos provides psychological and neuropsychological assessments for the diagnosis of:
--Difficulties with thinking, learning, behavior, emotional, or social adjustment related to a medical or neurological illness or injury (e.g., sports concussion and traumatic brain injury, spina bifida, epilepsy, brain tumor, neurofibromatosis, etc.)
-- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
-- Learning Disabilities
-- Autism Spectrum Disorders
-- Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

A psychological or neuropsychological assessment is used to understand how a person thinks and learns in everyday life. Dr. DeBastos gathers information from interviews, medical and educational records, observations of behavior during the assessment, and performance on a variety of psychological tasks to understand how an individual's brain works in different situations. A comprehensive evaluation includes an assessment of general cognitive ability, attention, executive control processes (reasoning, organizational skills), language skills, visual spatial processing, learning and memory abilities, motor skills, social cognition, emotional adjustment, and academic achievement.